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Meet Alan Connell

The original dream was to “make it big” and become a professional touring musician. We pushed for years and made one last unsuccessful effort in 2012. 

I returned home after our cross country tour and dealt with depression, loss of identity and purpose. It took a while but the thought of giving up on “the dream” had sunken in and I felt lost.  

To top it all off, shortly after our return, I lost both my father and grandmother within a few months of each other. This was an ultimate low point for me. 

My father and I had a very love/hate relationship as he battled alcoholism his entire life and I struggled with confidence trying to balance his ups and downs throughout childhood.  

My grandmother was my angel. She introduced me to music at a very young age and was always there for me and my sister. She had the biggest heart you could ever imagine. 

I was appointed executor of her estate and was left with sorting through their entire lives while trying to make sense of my own. 

Preparing and selling her home was part of the estate and it was during this process when I decided to become a realtor. 

It turns out that the leadership skills, work ethic and confidence that I built while leading our band translated well in the real estate world. 

I quickly became obsessed with perfecting my craft and serving as many families as possible with care and compassion. 

I have come a long way over the past 10 years both personally and professionally, finding purpose while serving 100s of families with my grandmother's home being my very first sale.

I recently partnered with my mentor and father-in-law, Gil, and serve as CEO of our team, Campos Homes. I’m now mentoring our agents and building the systems and processes to help us better serve our clients so they can enjoy their journeys home. 

Although I may not be a traveling musician, music and performing is still at the heart of everything I do and I truly love the path of service that I’m currently on!

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